Meditation & Mindfulness

Here we will focus how to bring some peace into your day, with this very simple breathing exercise. The trick is to set out to do this when you wake up, or get home, just before you open your laptop, or go make dinner. 10 minutes a day is all it takes to keep the anxiety monkeys at bay, and even if you don’t start levitating during this exercise, you’ve taken a rare few minutes out of your day away from friends, phone and Netflix.


  1. Start by finding a comfortable position in a quiet area free from distractions and set a timer for 10 minute on your phone

  2. Once calm close your eyes and let your breath occupy your attention.

  3. While breathing in and out through our nose, rather than focusing on the act of breathing itself, watch and be aware of each and every part of the process.

  4. Notice both the cold air passing into your nostrils as you inhale and the warmness of the air on exhalation.

  5. Feel your lungs fill with air as your diaphragm rises and watch as the body naturally exhales diaphragm falling as your lungs deflate.

  6. Be aware of the differing sensation in your body when filled with air in the pause before breathing out compared to when empty after exhalation.

  7. Rather than breathing watch your body breathe, simply be aware and feel every aspect of the breath come and leave the body.

  8. When you become distracted just notice the instant of distraction and simply begin to once more be aware of your breathing

  9. No matter how many times you lose focus, keep going! Giving up isn’t going to make this any easier



And that’s it. The object of this exercise is to observe your breathing without trying to control it or interact with it. As a monk once said to me

“You have been breathing since the moment you were born; why would you need to try to breath while mediating?”

Once you can effortlessly take an observational role on your breathing, you can start to do the same with your thoughts. But that, friends, is a story for another issue.