Something old, something new…


26 Swan Street, M4 5JQ;

Tuesday & Wednesday 17.00-23.00,

Thursday & Friday 17.00-02.00,

Saturday 12.00-02.00,

Sunday 12.00-23.00


There’s an inarguable authenticity to flicking through 1970’s porno, nursing a Red Stripe, bottom perched on Formica furniture those familiar with Golden Era Greasy Spoons will appreciate. You wonder whether that’s what Northern Quarter used to be. But surely corporate cash put an end to all that? Well, if you’re late in hearing, bygone days aren’t so bygone. Ancoats has a new bar on the block, reserved for that special breed of people who follow their nose and pay attention to discreet neon signs illuminating hand-scribbled invitations to cocktails.


Sammy’s is a lesson in cool, something that shines through as much in the Accidental Wes Anderson wallpaper as in how the proprietor is behind the bar most nights dishing up drinks, tunes and vibes to the punters’ delight. His mixology of music, hospitality and interior design taste makes this space much more than the city’s King of Kitsch. It’s a trifecta of qualities that creates a friends and family affair, where a steady stream of familiar faces mingle amidst first timers. But let this not distract us from the drinking. Aperitifs, itemised on DIY Polaroid menus, are even more of a throwback to velvety, halcyon days. Spritz’s, Mai Tai’s and Martini’s constitute the starter, main course and dessert of an evening meal so sour, tropical and liquid it’d win Sex in the City’s stamp of approval.


What’s more, you lucky folk who read Margins get an exclusive 2 for £10 cocktails deal if you say our name at the bar, from Sunday till Thursday. Week-day inebriation never tasted so good. Throw in a plentiful supply of fairly priced pale ale, plus the aforementioned people’s larger, it makes the exercise of self-restraint here just that much harder. Although should you be a member of the routinely discombobulated, don’t despair – a deli offering for soaking up the night’s sins is also on the horizon at Sammy’s.