Who's Hot


Cescka, aka Frankie Hayes, is a third year Criminology student at the University of Manchester, but most notably she is a DJ investing a huge amount into Manchester’s music scene. Last year’s bookings saw her at some of Manchester’s most established music venues, including the likes of Soup Kitchen, supporting the brain behind Holding Hands: Desert Sound Colony. Effortlessly, she incorporated heavy breaks into high energy electro for a standout set. More recently Cescka can be heard on her Limbo Radio Residency, shelling down some hefty 140 tracks, mixing hard dubstep and heavy bass. She is currently making movements down the avenue of production, dropping her new track ‘Telekinesis’ out now on Soundcloud, with the influence engendering whispers of Denham Audio within its weighted wobs. Her most recent appearance was alongside fellow future star DJ Luz at the White Hotel on the 23rd Novemeber; anyone worthy of warming up the decks for Source Direct and Two Bad Mice at this stage in their career is one worthy of the Limelight, and we hotly anticipate seeing her on star-studded line-ups in the future.

Jack Donoghue

Jack Donoghue is an increasingly familiar face to the business we call show. His steady ascent in the acting industry has seen castings in Holby City and Teen Spirit, alongside Elle Fanning. After being scouted at school, he was selected for his first role in the Documentary TV series, Origins: The Journey of Humankind, directed by Simon George. The epitome of dedication to his trade, Jack flew out to the picturesque plains of South Africa, where he brought to life the character Otzi for this production. The pursuit of this fiercely competitive industry has appealed to him ever since, with his exposure to aesthetically phenomenal sets in secluded locations, and the accomplished individuals that come with them. More recently Jack has been cast to star alongside Joe Cole (yes, that’s John Shelby in the Peaky Blinders to you and I), an actor he has said to be a role model for him in the industry; in particular, due to his humble persona in an industry that is infamous for the egotistical politics that come into play on set. They will be sharing the spotlight for Gangs of London, a Sky original series, with it’s premiere set for this Autumn. With two years left of his Economics degree, Jack is certainly not done with Manchester, and we can’t wait to see where the camera takes him next.

Nu Jazz

Nu Jazz is an events label set up in 2018 by Alex Sansbury, alongside his record label ‘Speak no Evil’. In the words of the organiser himself, it is a place to ‘showcase the most exciting genre-bending new music in Manchester’. We wholeheartedly agree. These highly anticipated events give music enthusiasts an opportunity to experience a previously unheard world of unconventional new sounds, blending instrumental acoustic music with experimental electronica.

Regularly featuring on these nights is Essa Weira, who takes inspiration from city life, outer space and mental health, fusing more conventional electronic sonorities with downtempo. Quiet Houses are also regular guests, the indie-folk duo of Hannah Elliott and Jamie Stewart. A selection of other standout artists include jazz influenced collective Ivory Forest, trip-hop, hip-hop and neo-soul influenced artist B-awhe, as well as instrumental rock music influenced Wandering Monster. It is impossible to lose interest in the music at these gigs, as various styles of music are continuously being explored, not just from artist to artist, but within each artists’ set alone. We cant wait for their next gig in the new year from their residency at Night and Day Cafe. Show your support for these musical pioneers; they’re living outside the box.